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There are many types of Best nespresso machine are available on the market today. The choice of the ideal depends mostly on who is the person who will use it.

Where the story begins?

Many coffee drinkers consider that espresso is synonymous with coffee, but in reality, it is the essence of the grain, its purest distillation. Espresso is a method of preparation in which a jet of hot water (88o -93o C) passes through a pressure through 7 grams of ground coffee and tamped that result in 30 ml of a good espresso.

In the early twentieth century coffee became a big business in world and coffee shops were established in large quantities and very easily, 바카라사이트추천 however, the preparation of coffee was quite slow, so in the era of steam engines, many prototypes were made of a machine that will prepare more quickly a cup of coffe

r>Types of espresso machines:
r>After a series of tests on the different types of the espresso machine, it was found that the automatic ones are unreliable. It is important that before buying an expensive espresso machine you understands that you can obtain different results not only with different brands or types of machine but that even the results vary from one cup to another, having an espresso machine of the best quality, not it will guarantee to have the same identical flavor in each cu

r>This can be frustrating for many people and 온라인카지노주소 much more for a trained barista, so it is important to know the different types of machines and take professional barista courses so that the preparation of the espresso is of the best q

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The best manual coffee grinder has a little complication in its use, requires knowledge. But it offers a better flavor in the coffee and a great variety of possibilities that the automatic does


If you are a professional with a passion for coffee, you may be interested in the piston machine, where not only the grinding of the coffee is done manually but also must ensure the correct temperature and the pressure needed to prepare


Espresso although the process is more complicated, it guarantees to have the total power over the preparation of a goo


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